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For this very attractive certificate, only contacts after 01.01.1979 are valid.

Requirements for the certificate (complete rules)
HF: HB stations need 10 QSOs; EU stations need 5 QSOs; DX stations need 3 QSOs, VHF: HB stations need 10 QSOs, all other stations need 5 QSOs

Valid contacts: You may count all QSOs with radio amateurs who have their QTH in places surrounding the lake of Zurich, or who are active members of HB9D.

Moreover, you must have at least 1 QSO with a ham in each of the following 3 cantons: Zürich, St Gallen, and Schwyz -- a QSO with HB9D, the club station, counts as a joker for one missing canton.

Send your log and payment (10.00 Swiss Francs or U$10.00)
to the president of our club.

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